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 You've just found one of the finest collections of trendy health, hair, beauty and nail remedies, inspiration and motivational messages.


This is a place of mutual understanding. We are here to offer you support and advice. Here we share experiences and we inspire. At Daintee Lil Krystalz we accept everyone and anyone with welcoming hearts. We would like to hear your stories, and we accept positive conversations to encourage each other.


We are not here to judge, point fingers or discourage. We are here to build an online family! 

You are not forced to join, or like us and you are not forced to read our stories.


We at Daintee Lil Krystalz can be a helping hand, a big sister in time of need and one you can lean on.


No matter who you are and where you from, we are here to help you the best way we can. we can be your listening ear.


Daintee Lil Krystalz are offering advice that we have experienced, learnt from and have grown up with and now live by.


"You are never too old to learn." 


Join us today and become apart of our family.